A satire site is writing satirical things for the purpose of satire, it has emerged.

The satire site, run by satire writer Pete Bowen, was set up to provide some light hearted spoof stories about his home city.

Pete said: “I can’t stress the satire element enough.

“I’m a nice guy, I like happy things, writing spoof articles and hopefully providing some humour which doesn’t stereotype anyone or cause any offence.

“Satire, really.”

Reader Theresa Connell said: “I’m fucking disgusted by fucking something. I’ll do and say what I want too.

“If I was in any way present in whatever situation I read about which I don’t agree with, I would belligerently turn up and be a total shit. I wouldn’t really, but I’m prepared to type that I would.


Bowen added: “Just laugh. Please, crack a smile, whatever. And money, give me money as I have none.”

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