Former duo Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have announced a reunion tour, it has emerged.

Following the success of other reunions such as 5ive, Steps and B*Witched, the duo have decided to put their differences behind them and hit the road again.

Gove said: “We were really successful at one point, we had the bus, the bravado and the looks.

“Trouble is Boris started flirting with telling people the truth and I had to put a stop to it. It was all a bit like The Everly Brothers, except I hit Boris with a Waitrose baguette instead of a guitar.”

Johnson added: “I’ve heard us being compared to the Gallagher brothers, when they were really obnoxious.

“You know what Govey is like, he’s a shit. But we were good together and the public lapped it up. This time we’ll have a blue bus though and I think we’ll have ‘Jeremy Corbyn eats veal’ on the side.”

The duo’s agent Ian Duncan Smith said: “We’re very excited but anticipating some issues over their name.

“Boris will want to be named first because ‘B’ comes before ‘M’ in the alphabet. But Micheal reckons is should be done by surname which would put Gove before Johnson.

“It really speaks volumes for their credibility.”

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