Incredibly gullible people are absolutely dreading the next 6 weeks ahead of the general election.

As political parties release manifestos and prepare a war of words, people who believe all the shit they say are planning on hiding away and not talking to anyone.

Gullible idiot Pete Bowen said: “Urgh, another one? Really? I’m only now starting to get less grief from my friends after agreeing with Michael Gove on Brexit.

“He’s too enigmatic, that’s always been Gove’s problem.

“At the last election in 2015 I read all about how the Tory party were the only ones I could trust with the economy, it was in The Sun and Daily Mail. Then someone I know with a bit of a brain told me to research the amount of debt they’re accumulating.

“Turns out its bad, considerably worse than looking like a bit of a lemon when you eat a bacon sandwich. Who could’ve known that?”

Confused Theresa Connell said: “Corbyn is a terrorist right? That’s true isn’t it? I know he seriously shot himself in the foot announcing more money for people who care for relatives. The twat.

“I like the way the Tories are making people in wheelchairs get jobs because they take all our money and stuff. I also like the way they’re cutting mental health services because it stops people being treated which gives a reduction in figures.

“I lost my fairly well paid middle management job recently, but it’s fine because of all the jobs out there. Plus even though we haven’t negotiated anything yet everything is ‘booming’, so it’s all going to be fine, isn’t it? That’s what they said though?” 

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