A woman from the Uplands is quickly running out of excuses for staff at Boots about why she hasn’t got an Advantage Card with her, in a bid to hide the fact she doesn’t own one.

Theresa Connell, 34, visits the pharmacy chain regularly for nappies, Canesten and nicotine patches but lost her Advantage Card two years ago.

Since then she’s been hiding a massive lie from judgemental staff in the stores and is quickly running out of reasons why she isn’t stockpiling points.

Theresa said: “I did have one, but I lost it in a house party in Morriston because I was using it to cut lines, which is why I never use my bank card. That was two years ago though, I’m convinced I could’ve been up by one BaByliss hair curler by now.

“Whenever I walk up to the counter I’m rehearsing my excuse. It’s in my other purse, my two year old son has been using it, I’ve been using it as a sex aid, all the usual ones.

“They know I’m lying though because I can see it in their eyes. The pharmacists are the worse, they didn’t do all those years in education failing at being a fully-fledged doctor to listen to this deception. Especially as I make them print the points on the receipt like I’m ever going to claim them.

“It’s reached crisis point, I’m in there three times a week and I’m convinced all of the stores in South West Wales have a picture of me in the staff room highlighting me as a fraud, I’ve been to all of them now. I’d go to Sainsburys but I broke my Nectar card trying to break into my ex-boyfriend’s house because I thought he had another woman in there.

“I can’t just order another one, that would make them right and they’d just love that wouldn’t they.”

Customer Assistant Pete Bowen said: “Theresa is one of a long line of people who for some reason refuse to take advantage of our generous points scheme.

“To be fair it’s usually the men who lie to our faces and we all like to laugh at them, we see you without a wedding ring but we still tell you to give the points and a Number 7 voucher to your wife.”

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