The innovative, creative and forward thinking community council in Mumbles have decided not to agree to disagree, but to just disagree to agree on absolutely everything, it has emerged.

The existing council, who have overseen a number of initiatives including the successful decline of Mumbles, various tantrums and opening a storage facility in Neath, are eagerly showcasing their achievements in readiness for their re-election.

West Cross Ward member Pete Bowen said: “It’s been another gruelling period of being totally unreasonable to everyone and hurling abuse at fellow Councillors. However, I’m as motivated as I never really was in the first place to continue fighting the good fight.

“It would be nice to have some new blood in, but only if they really agree with me because all of my ridiculous ideas keep getting voted down. How’s that democratic?”

Oystermouth Ward Member Rob Gray added: “I’m a little more sceptical than that plum Bowen about ‘new blood’, change is never good. Why change something that already exists?

“We had a new Ward Member for Newton in last time and she was coming up with all sorts of suggestions about making the place look nice, running things through the books, being honest with the public and all that nonsense. That kind of progressive thinking has no place here.”

Local resident Theresa Connell said: “I don’t care who gets in, I probably won’t even vote. I just want to continue to say the opposite of everyone else for my own personal gain.

“Realistically with the price of property in Mumbles their office is a waste of space and nobody’s ever even there, so maybe we should just get rid of them and hold a civil war on the patio area outside Croeso Lounge. No West Cross though, they’ll probably bring an arsenal with them.”


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