A man who works all week and is at the golf club from 7:30am Saturday until he passes out drunk, has been doling out marital advice.

Chartered Surveyor Rob Gray, 57, took up golf 30 years ago just weeks after marrying his wife Cheryl and now fancies himself as a relationship expert.

Rob said: “Some of the guys have terrible relationships, so I figured I’d share some wisdom with them on the 19th hold over several pints of bitter and a meat pie.

“I was quite surprised that no one really took me seriously, I’ve been married for 30 years so I can’t be that bad.

“I spent some time highlighting the importance of being attentive, making sure you buy your partner little gifts here and there. And listening, it’s always important to listen.

“I pay Cheryl lots of compliments, which I mean because I love her so much. I think it’s important because I would never want her to be self conscious, it would break my heart.”

Rob’s golf partner Pete Bowen said: “Rob’s the biggest piss head I know, why would I listen to his advice? Plus it sounds ridiculous.

“Attentiveness? Listening? No thanks, I’ll just head off on my ‘golf tour’ to the dark side of Thailand for a couple of weeks and by the time I get back I’m sure my wife and I will just go back to not communicating with each other until we die.” 

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