A married couple from Sketty Park have filed for divorce within hours of changing their bed for the first time, it has emerged.

Rob and Cheryl Gray had been together for five years and married in November, but carelessly made no plans around allocation of roles or understanding the complexities involved in changing the bed sheets.

Rob said: “They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, it turns out that line is a Debenhams Egyptian cotton one.

“Somehow over the last five years, we’ve never changed the bed together. I wish we had, it would’ve saved a lot of time, effort and money.

“I clearly underestimated the complexities of putting some sheets on a bed. It’s fairly simple right? Put a couple of the elasticated sheets down on your mattress, lay your duvet cover out and feed the duvet in, then hold your pillows under your chin as you wriggle the cover on.

“Oh no, don’t be ‘easy’ Rob, use a fitted sheet which they used in Victorian days Rob. Turn the duvet cover inside-fucking-out Rob.”

Cheryl added: “You think you know someone, then you try and get them to figure out what corner of a duvet cover to hold. It’s not that hard, he only had two corners on his side and he still got it wrong three times.

“My way is slightly more technical, granted, but it’s quicker and you don’t look like you’re trying to hump the floor as you feed the duvet into the cover.

“He had a massive issue with the expensive fitted sheets, but they’re so comfy. I kind of understand why his bedroom stank so much when we first got together, and why his sheets were like lying on sandpaper.”

Rob added: “Her Mother bought those sheets, she never liked me and she knew what she was doing.”

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