Workers who are off work for the Bank Holiday have collectively hit out at Jeremy Corbyn for proposing to inflict another four a year on them.

Terrorist loving Corbyn has been accused of ‘not understanding the economy’ and continues to lag in the polls for daring to come up with principled ideas, which include not being in work and spending quality time with family and friends.

Call Centre worker Pete Bowen said: “Where does this guy get off? It’s all well and good arranging flowers in Islington or whatever he does, but people need to be pressured into claiming PPI.

“What good am I to my family having fun with them?”

Teacher Theresa Connell added: “I want to get back to begging parents to giving us money because austerity has ruined their child’s education. That’s all the holiday I need. Well, that and the other 13 weeks.

“This is why I’ll continue to vote Conservative.” 

Postman Rob Gray said: “I didn’t sign up for privatisation of the Royal Mail to be on holiday. It’s completely unfair on poor companies like Virgin to miss out on a day of unsolicited junk mail about TV and broadband deals. 

“Instead I’ve had to spend the day watching my kid being educated in a National Trust site. 

“Who’s paying for all of this anyway? That’s what other people seem to be saying.” 

Jeremy Corbyn said: “I think it’s important that people have some extra time off, St David’s Day in Wales is a perfect example. 

“Every March the 1st I myself enjoy a boiled leek with a single potato before pinning on a daffodil and going on a march for miners.” 

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