An amateur rock group has been forced to disband, after their band name has been used with negative connotations by the Conservative Party.

With limited success stories and nurses currently using food banks, the safe and reliable Party has begun to utilise sound bites via the media to lie their way to victory.

Singer Pete Bowen said: “First the miners, then the NHS and now our band. When does it end?

“We’ve been together for three years, longer than Theresa May’s been in power. We play a gig a week, which we’re asked to play by the way, no one asked for May.

“We were booked to play in Sin City next week but some Tory on Question Time mentioned ‘coalition of chaos’ over and over again referring to any other Party other than theirs and our hopes and dreams fell apart.”

Drummer Rob Gray added: “I wanted to call the band ‘We hate everyone except the rich’ and had we gone with my suggestion we wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in now.

“I wrote a song called ‘Privatise’ which the group decided to kibosh. Drummers can be creative too you know, and topical.

“Anyway my parents are really rich so it doesn’t really matter if this band thing falls by the wayside.”

Theresa May said: “They should’ve called themselves ‘Strong and Stable Leadership’, which probably isn’t the most popular name for a metal band but people will believe anything nowadays.

“We’ve done them a favour, as the economy continues to nose dive no one will be able to afford to go and see them anyway.

“Perhaps they should channel their energies into some zero hour contract work with Amazon?” 

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