An Estate Agent from Swansea is once again being paid for opening a door, letting people walk around a property then locking up after they leave.

27 year old Pete Bowen has worked for a local chain of shops who put pictures of houses in their window for two years, working hard to find shiny suits to wear and growing offensive facial hair.

Pete said: “I always remember my old man taking the piss out of Estate Agents when I was younger, calling them ‘slimy yuppie pricks’, I thought I quite fancy a bit of that.

“Every day is a new adventure in our branch, mainly because we take turns bringing in cakes without telling each other what they’re going to be.

“A lot of customers come in and ask us to contact them if certain properties come on the market, but we’re not really paid to do that. That would be more of a sales type job.

“We do get quite a bit of training, just this morning I met a couple who wanted to view a flat in Sketty and I had to use everything I’ve learnt, because they were really tricky customers.

He continued: “They called up to book a viewing, so following guidelines I left the phone ring for as long as possible. They wanted to meet at the property at 2:00, so I pretended I couldn’t do that time and arranged to meet them at 4:27.

“After arriving 10 minutes late, I fumbled around with the keys by putting the wrong one in the communal entrance a few times and then opened the door to the flat, stood in the hall and said ‘look around, hope you like it’.

“I really thought I’d nailed it at that point, but the man started asking about service charges and parking. I was absolutely flabbergasted. I followed protocol and just said ‘I’ll have to get back to you, maybe £50, £80?’

“I’ve noticed Estate Agents popping up who work from home and go out on a self-employed basis. It sounds alright, but how do they spend 4 hours a day planning what costume to wear on Comic Relief? That’s 75% of the job.”

Customer Theresa Connell said: “The only pain worse than child birth, is knowing that someone who unlocks a door and is of no help whatsoever, receives a commission for being there while you plough your life’s savings into a new home.” 

photo credit: Bank of England <a href=”″>Stephen Hicks – Agent / Asiant, Wales / Gymru</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;