Strictly Come Dancing has announced that they’ll have a week dedicated to the weird dance that people used to do in Quids Inn in the 90s.

Producer Pete Bowen said: “We searched all over the UK for a unique dance concept and after watching a video on YouTube of some lads from Swansea trying dance in Quids Inn, we found a clear winner.

“Some of the professional dancers are really struggling with it, so we jumped on a train and went to John Burns to draft in some old Quids Inn revellers to help them out a bit.”

Quids Inn regular Rob Gray added: “It was easy to remember the dance I used to do in Quids, because I still do it now. I even wear the same white V-neck t-shirt that’s two sizes too small for me, bootcut jeans and Burton loafers.

“You just sort of bend your knees and bounce a bit, lean back slightly, look aggressive and flick your hands about. When the Venga Boys comes on, you change it up slightly and rotate your hands around each other a bit and look left and right with sharp twists of the head while clenching your jaw.

“Then you stop for 5 minutes, sniff some poppers and resume.”

Old Swansea raver Theresa Connell said: “I’ve been asked to go and help the women dancers, they haven’t got a clue.

“For the women, you basically walk around Quids Inn while the men in tight white t-shirts dance like they’re have a stroke and intimidate you and call you a slag.

“Then it’s off to the dancefloor to plant your feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes, pout, put one arm in the air and slowly move up and down in a twisting motion until someone either punches you or grabs your arse.”


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