Two men who met through their wives are scrambling around for common ground to make the time they’re forced to spend together less awkward.

Pete Bowen’s wife Theresa met Rob Gray’s wife Cheryl at ‘baby yoga’ when their babies were three months old, where they developed a mutual interest of hatred towards all the other Mums.

Pete said: “I initially thought it was great that Theresa had met someone who shared her neurosis, but I didn’t think I’d have to socialise. I did all that in my 20s, all I want to do is get fat and sit on a lazy boy.

“But here I am, sat in soft play and wondering if it’s alright to ask this guy about who he gets his weed from.”

Rob added: “Trouble is, I like fixing cars and science fiction, while Pete’s a bit more about football, beer and drugs. It’s like The Fast and the Furious meets Human Traffic.”

Pete’s wife Theresa continued: “They’re going to have to find a way to bond because I think I love Cheryl more than Pete.”

Cheryl went on to say: “Its difficult because me and Theresa spend all week together as we’re still on mat leave, we get separation anxiety on the weekends so we just WhatsApp each other talking about how our husbands are wankers and how we can’t wait until Monday.”

In a show of unity, Pete and Rob said: “Foursome?”

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