Officials have confirmed that leaving the single market isn’t like deciding whether to take the Oxford Street or Quadrant exit in Swansea Market.

With discussions surrounding Brexit negotiations prevalent in the media, many people in Swansea have been in turmoil over the rhetoric being used by David Davis, who’s also a right prick.

Market customer Pete Bowen said: “I’m over by here.

“As far as I’m concerned, I leave at the Quadrant exit because it’s undercover and the injury claims people aren’t allowed in there.

“Being forced to leave by a different exit would completely mess up my daily routine, so I hope these politicians have this in mind when they’re securing a deal.”

Stall holder Theresa Connell said: “When they say ‘trading block’ they mean the fruit and veg area by the Union Street entrance don’t they?

“I know it’s strange having them all bunched together, but it would be so weird breaking them all up. Surely their trade would suffer?”

Market employee Rob Gray said: “If we don’t have free movement of people in the market, how will customers buy bread and sausages in one trip? The stalls are in completely different areas.

“Taking back control? What about the sausage rolls?”