Straight men who are under the impression that all gay men are planning to jump them and ride like a rodeo on a bull, have been advised that it doesn’t quite work like that.

Despite it being 2017, some straight men possess a strange fear of gay men, despite curiously going to gay bars thinking they’re like Jerry taunting Tom.

Straight man Pete Bowen said: “I’ve been trying to convince my friends to go to the gay bar OMG Swansea for the last few months and we finally went last weekend.

“I’m not gay or anything, I just thought it may be a laugh. I also quite like looking at men’s sweaty pecs after a few beers and erotically pontificate over what protein shakes they must use, which is pretty normal I think.

“We got there and all the boys were astonished by the amount of gay men there were in the gay bar.

“They were all really uncomfortable and standing with their backs to the wall, you know in case someone randomly bummed them. They all made it obvious they were straight by talking in deep voices and saying misogynistic things.”

Gay man Rob Gray said: “Yeah they were really weird. When I say I like a guy who has a straight demeanour, I don’t mean a straight guy with manicured eyebrows who’s head to toe in fake tan.

“I don’t know what they thought was going to happen to them coming to a gay bar, it’s really just a bar and that particular group of guys would have less success in here with men, than they would trying to pull a woman in Peppermint.

“One them called Pete was OK though, he came back later to chat to my friend Carl with the big pecs.” 

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