Virtual reality simulators are to be introduced to showcase the apocalyptic Tory-dominated post-Brexit Wales, it has emerged.

As the country toys with who they want to vote for, Swansea University has offered to lend the simulators to voters before their EU funding is cut and they have to sell them on eBay.

 University spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “This is a good opportunity to see what’s coming should Wales vote Conservative in the upcoming election. 

“Programming the software is quite simple, we take real live data around austerity, poverty, cost of living, debt and victimisation of the poor/disabled then take the Tory manifesto and add in annihilating the elderly, deceit and butchering animals for sport.

“Brexit adds a slightly uncertain element into the mix, Wales will lose money, hell I’ll probably lose my EU funded research job. But Brexit backing Tories did promise Westminster would cover the losses from leaving the EU, so we’ve just gone ahead and assumed they’ll introduce a ‘daffodil tax’.”  

Undecided voter Theresa Connell said: “Its a good idea because I like Labour having actual stuff in their manifesto which will help society, but the words ‘strong and stable’ both begin with an ‘s’ which is really clever.

“Plus The Sun said Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t be trusted and they’re pretty trustworthy.”

Voter Rob Gray said: “I’ve had a go on it, it was interesting.

 “Gower was completely fracked, so there was a variety of explosions. The scenery was ruined, but at least disabled people and pensioners could all go to one place to commit suicide. Quite efficient when you think about it.

“No one could afford a house apart from the shareholders in private health care and fracking firms, who bought the whole of West Wales as holiday properties. Living in rented slum accommodation which we couldn’t afford was fun, because everyone had to live off Tesco Value beans which felt like the kind of community feel London had when the plague was around.”

Pete Bowen finished with: “She’s going to get in again, everyone who lives will have a dreadful life and no one will even be able to survive by sponging off their parents, but ultimately the virtual reality simulator is a nice bit of kit.” 

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