A frustrated bloke who makes confrontational comments on all of the articles posted by the Evening Post’s online persona ‘Swansea Online’, has solutions for everything, it’s been confirmed.

Ideas man Pete Bowen who has an abundance of ‘life experience’ and ‘common sense’, enjoys educating fellow commenters every day with his encyclopaedic wisdom.

Pete said: “I always thought I should’ve worked for the Intelligence Agency or something, but then I’d have missed my calling as a fork lift truck driver. Life’s all about choices, unless you’re different to me.

“The Evening Post ran a story about a guy who was caught with £100 worth of cannabis the other day, people were questioning what the point was in pressing charges, but they don’t understand it like me. I said he should have his hands cut off.

“It was reported that someone did a runner from a taxi without paying. That’s easy, it’s an immigration problem. If the borders were closed then people would keep taxi doors closed.

“A couple of Irish people on the rob in Poundland? Jeremy Corbyn’s fault for being a terrorist sympathiser.

“I woke up one day and fancied being a police officer, so I filled out an application form and declared about my criminal record for hitting women in Wind Street and didn’t get the job.

“You can bet your bottom dollar a lesbian Muslim would’ve got it instead. It’s disgusting.”

Fellow commenter Theresa Connell said: “On the Swansea Online website his nickname is ‘the_realist’ so he’s already a prick before he says anything.

“Of course when he comments on the Facebook page I get to nose around his profile and it’s the predictable bullshit about going around bombing countries and hanging people.

“There’s also 67 profile pictures of the same awkwardly positioned selfies which I imagine he took in between masturbating into his Mum’s tights.”