Drug dealers have joined Council car park pay and display machines and confirmed they’re not ready to accept the new £1 coins, it has emerged.

Dealers, who share the ‘don’t work when you need them to’ mentality of pay and display machines, made the announcement by adding stickers to baggies.

Dealer Pete Bowen said: “Its incredibly inconsiderate of the Government to change so much tender in such a tight timeframe.

“I deal to some of societies dodgiest characters, as you’d imagine. We’re talking lawyers, bankers, Tory voters. How can I trust my money with them?”

Casual drug user Rob Gray said: “Its not like they didn’t fucking know this was coming. Call yourself a public service? You work for us, mate.

“I went to buy £20 worth of Mandy the other day but had five new pound coins, it was inconvenient because I was only off my tits for 36 hours instead of 48.”

Bowen added: “Fortunately we’re now in a position to accept the new £5 notes, I should be accepting the new pound coins by July, provided I’m not on remand.” 

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