The Conservative party and their supporters are utterly disgraced at the disgracefulness of the disgraceful man in the ghastly suit, it’s been confirmed.

The party and their voters, who are aspirational enough to think they’d benefit from another reign of cuts, were left aghast by the fact this dreadful man would offer funded childcare with a costed plan, but then forget the figure on Woman’s Hour.

Tory voter Pete Bowen said: “You see the problem with borrowing for infrastructure and the general benefit of society, is that we know where the investments going.

“Under Theresa May we get to shout about how awful poor people are and not really understand where it all goes. Some people call it ignorance, I just say ‘wake up’. Not costing anything is much better because you don’t get your costings wrong in an interview with Alex Jones from The One Show.

“There’s no hard evidence, but Jeremy Corbyn would bankrupt the country. It sounds hard hitting, bankrupt the country, I got that one from The Sun. Theresa May isn’t bankrupt is she? Morals aside. Lloyds Bank would confiscate No. 10 Downing Street from our very hands if Corbyn got in. We’d probably have to sell Kate and Wills to the Chinese too.”

Fellow Tory Cheryl Gray said: “I can’t share Daily Mail articles about how Theresa May lost files on loads of paedophiles or sells weapons to the Saudis anymore than I can share any positive articles about her manifestos, because the articles don’t exist. So I share bullshit articles from Guido Fawkes who made loads of money out of running ecstasy fuelled raves.

“Why would someone want to build houses for people when we can sell off NHS land? If people can’t be arsed to have rich parents to buy them properties then they deserve to be homeless.

“Who would I want negotiating? A reasonable bloke with the country’s interests at heart? Or someone who thinks negotiating is walking away when it doesn’t go their way?”

Bowen added: “IRA. Yep, IRA. did I mentioned IRA? 1970s, did I say that already?

“Thatcher never spoke to the IRA. Oh she did? I’m sure it was just to secure peace. Not like Corbyn, I read he lit one of those Acme bombs that used to be on Road Runner and threw it at the Queen.

“I hate my kids anyway, why should I leave anything to them?”

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