Details have emerged about Theresa May’s attempt to appear on Channel 4’s Deal or No Deal programme, we can reveal.

The Prime Minister is rumoured to have auditioned for the show after a chance meeting with Noel Edmonds at an electromagnetic field interface device launch, which would stop the NHS from having to spend any money on viable cancer treatment. 

Show producer Pete Bowen said: “I vaguely remember her. She wanted to get on the show without an audition. A bit like saying you want a job and making no effort to get it. 

“When she was waiting to audition she kept saying ‘Carol from Winchester doesn’t deserve to be here instead of me because she’d be naked in Brussels’. It didn’t make sense at the time. 

“We decided to give her a shot anyway, but she wanted us to tell her what was in every box or she wouldn’t play. 

“We refused because that’s not really how the game works, then she kept saying ‘no deal’ all the time and trying to walk away. 

“At first the audience clapped and the banker kept ringing her up to enquire about UK tax havens, at that post we figured out she probably wasn’t right for the show.”

Amber Rudd, standing in for Theresa May, said: “Let us be very clear, that Jeremy Corbyn would be naked. Maybe in the shower, maybe while offering Jean Claude Junker a socialist massage. 

“You have a choice to make on June the something. The woman who’s really arrogant or the man who’ll be nude at some point.” 

photo credit: The Prime Minister’s Office <a href=”″>PM outside 10 Downing Street</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;