The candidates for the next Mayor of Swansea will have to show their commitment to pushing the red button and nuking Neath.

The requirement comes as the importance of wiping out civilisation and murdering innocent people was highlighted by a few uptight men on Question Time.

Council HR Manager Pete Bowen said: “We have to move with the times, initially we’ll be implementing nuclear weapons, closely followed by a new social media strategy.

“If you listen to neurotic people enough you really get to thinking about how blowing stuff up makes sense. Plus, have you ever tried to reason with someone from Neath?

“It’s important that we base our decision on who’ll be Mayor on the opinions of paranoid, war mongering lunatics. 

“Gone are the days where being Mayor was wearing a superhero cape and opening an Aldi. We need confidence that our Mayor would wipe out Tonna.”

Mayoral candidate Theresa Connell said: “I’ve been very clear on my position on this. 

“I really want to live in the big Mayor house and I won’t let Neath get in the way of my dream.”