Residents in Mayals are tired of people mishearing them and thinking they live in Mayhill so are demanding change, we can reveal. 

Concerns were raised at a resident’s meeting in The Woodman, a pub which might be in Mayals or may be in Blackpill but is definitely not The Fairfield, which may be more Townhill than Mayhill anyway. 

Resident Pete Bowen said: “Its been a problem for years and it’s arguably a bigger issue than occasionally being accused of living in West Cross. 

“I imagine Mayhill has corner shops you can buy illegal fireworks in and pubs that sell beer in cans. Mayals doesn’t you see, West Cross might, but not Mayals, so you can see my conundrum.”

Pete’s neighbour Theresa Connell added: “I feel quite strongly about this, if people outside the SA3 post code had the nuance to pronounce their ‘h’s’ correctly we wouldn’t have an issue. 

“I was in a meeting the other day and mentioned I lived in Mayals, the attendees all agreed they’d heard of it and began asking me if sea view was any good. 

“I explained I could only really see the green from my house, referring to Clyne golf course. I only learned afterwards they were talking about a primary school in Mayhill and they probably thought I was talking about that skunk weed stuff. I was thoroughly ashamed and haven’t slept since.” 

Neighbour Rob Gray said: “I understand the concerns but why should we change our name? 

“I’d have thought a far more sensible approach would be to call Mayhill ‘East Cross’. 

“To be honest, the council misheard me when I moved here and think I’m a Mayhill resident, so I’ve actually been paying a lower council tax band which is worth it in the grand scheme of things.” 

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