Swansea Council have announced  they’ve spent the entire regeneration budget on fancy artist images of the area where Hyper Value used to be, it has emerged.

The council, who were rumoured to be caught up the excitement of it all, commissioned various architects and friends of friends to develop the images, which to their credit look fantastic. 

Council spokesperson Pete Bowen said: “There won’t be any regeneration of the city now, but have you seen the pictures on the Evening Post? They’re seriously good. 

“We had a few quid to develop the St David’s area, ‘happy days’, we thought. You can’t scrimp with these things, as the images show you get what you pay for, beautiful pictures.  

“Glass domes, bridges, building that look like crisps. It’s fantastic stuff alright, it’s our opportunity to create a legacy, so if you want a bit of it you can either chuck us a load of money so we can pay for it to happen, or pop down and have a look at the pictures in my office in County Hall, they really brighten the room up.” 

Shopper Theresa Connell added: “I think it looks fab. 

“I’d have liked some better shops and restaurants though, I’ve never heard of Kara, Beacocks or the restaurant Will’s.”

Bowen added: “Its all fine, I’m pretty sure the EU will stump up some cash again.”