A 35 year old man from Sketty has successfully transitioned into his Dad, it has emerged. 

Account Manager Pete Bowen underwent the transition after breaking the £35k per annum earning threshold, getting a mortgage, a child and a pair of boating shoes.

Bowen said: “Its true, it’s done. I’m 35 and while I don’t really need to wear a Gant shirt with chino shorts, I am and there’s no turning back.

“It’s helpful to know I’m not alone, I have other friends who’ve transitioned too. We all went to Cheltenham races the other week and it all felt, well, natural. We discussed savings accounts, pension funds and made Dad noises when we stood up to go to the toilet.

“We all posted pictures of us in our matching white, light pink and beige clothes on Facebook, no one really commented except our own Dad’s, which was a sign of acceptance.

“My Dad asked how the races were going and I said ‘what races’ to insinuate that I’d just been drinking the whole time. He liked the comment so I can tell he found it hilarious. It was the affirmation I was craving.”

Bowen’s friend Rob Gray said: “It was such a good trip, we all had our hair cut into the same style called ‘just a bit off the sides and back’ before we left. There’s nothing quite like being 35 but dressing and acting like you’re 55.

“We talked about life insurance a lot and how to cook meat on barbecues, before making hilariously derogatory comments about our wives. Occasionally we’d tie a jumper around our necks like lots of middle aged men do and generally be really judgemental about people.

“It’s great how we’ve all forgotten that five years ago we were snorting cocaine and wearing Diesel jeans.”

Bowen added: “We’re thinking of doing something golf orientated next because proper Dad’s play golf. Maybe be a bit racist, sexist or even both after a glass of Moët?

“I’ve prepared a few Dad based cliches to entertain the chaps with and some conversation topics around politics, the weather and colonoscopies.”

Picture credit: https://uk.pinterest.com/gerardogaaray/shoes/