A man who bought tickets for him and his girlfriend to see Take That at the Liberty Stadium last night, was horrified to learn they were real.

34 year old Pete Bowen bought the tickets from a bloke in the Plough and Harrow in Llangyfelach and assumed they were fake, but figured he get credit on a ‘it’s the thought that counts’ methodology.

Bowen said: “Take That aren’t really my thing, obviously, well not since Robbie and Jason left anyway.

“I bought the tickets as a bridge building exercise for forgetting her birthday. Oh and the affair. The plan was to buy some duds, act all shocked when we were refused entry to the point where she would finally tell me ‘it’s not my fault’ and then be back for Road Wars.

“It didn’t go to plan. 

“We queued for hours to get in, which I didn’t mind because I thought it’d be over soon and we could piss off home. They scanned the tickets and waved us in, I was devastated. 

“She was all over me and I had to act like I was really excited, but I was overcome by shock and the stench of menopause. What are the chances of buying genuine tickets from a drunk weed dealer up the pub? 

Bowen’s girlfriend Theresa said: “It was such a thoughtful gift and judging by Pete’s reaction when we got in, he was really into it. 

“He’s not fully forgiven for everything yet, but before the concert he said his ticket contact had some for the Boyzone reunion too, so that’s sort it.” 

Bowen added: “I’ve changed my number, cut all ties with Theresa and put this one down to experience.”