A Brynmill Dad who told his children not to waste their money on buying him a Father’s Day gift, was this morning shocked that they actually listened to him.

Dad of three Pete Bowen was secretly hoping to receive a new bottle of CK One and a nice box of Thorntons, Roses at worse.

Pete said: “I know I said don’t buy me anything but that’s what Dad’s do. My Dad said it too, if I didn’t buy him Old Spice every year I’d have had a bloody clip around the ear.

“I’ve worked really hard this year at showing no emotion, drinking too much and having a complete lack of empathy towards my children. But nothing.

“I’ve occasionally changed light bulbs, not completed any of the jobs I said I would and I’ve done my best to stay out of their way, so I’ve been consistent.

“I had a lie in this morning while my wife got up with the kids, made the breakfasts, did the washing up and brought me a cup of tea in bed. But that’s like every Sunday, some novelty socks would’ve made it a bit different.

“They’re happy to listen when it comes to not spending money on me, not so much when I tell them to steer clear of my internet history.”

Pete’s son Frankie said: “If he thinks I’m splurging a fiver on another comedy mug he’s sorely mistaken.

“This is a man who told my girlfriend ‘she’s not as pretty as the last one’.”