Credit Rich Griffiths 
An incredibly lucky man has been describing his multiple links to catastrophic events and how he’s lucky to still be alive.  

Retail Supervisor Pete Bowen, 38, has used Facebook to tell all of his friends about his life or death moments and is hoping to ‘get a book deal on the back of it’. 

Bowen said: “When something absolutely terrible happens I immediately think of me and what I can update Facebook with. 

“I read the other day about the war in Vietnam and I got to thinking, I ate in Vietnam in the Uplands just last month. What are the chances? 

He added: “Did you hear about the boat that capsized in Lake Michigan? 

“I did. 

“Something really similar happened to me when I was on the boating lake by Singleton Hospital because I’d had a few drinks in the Pub on the Pond and tried to stand up when I saw a swan. Anyway, I updated Facebook with ‘Heart goes out to those affected in Lake Michigan, I nearly died once too’. 

“Lots of my friends are very supportive and post ‘thinking of you hun’, which gives me loads of comfort in the deeply emotional five minutes before I share an article about Kim Kardashian’s ass.

“Earthquake? Fell off a bouncy castle. Flood? Left the tap running in the bath. Famine? Didn’t have any Wotsits left after bonging. 

“It’s all there, I am the epitome of survival.” 

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