An unashamed and outwardly heterosexual man from Treboeth, has spent the day fighting for more rights for straight people on articles about World Pride. 

Pete Bowen, 38, is sick and tired of being a suppressed fan of vaginas who soon enough won’t be able to ridicule anyone because of ‘the bloody PC brigade’. 

Bowen said: “I was searching for pictures of Carol Vorderman in tight skirts and came across an article which said that gay people are having some celebration, despite it offending me personally. 

“I’m proud, where’s my party and Facebook reaction? If I could find a woman to have sex with me I’d be repopulating the world with loads of heterosexual children and fighting back in the name of the nuclear family. After all, no bad ever came from nuclear. 

“If everyone was equal how would I feel better about myself by being derogatory to people who are different to me? It doesn’t make sense and it’s pretty gay. 

Bowen added: “I’ve asked a number of forums when heterosexual man day is, they keep asking about when I’ve been persecuted as a straight man and I tell them all about how hard I work at being really misogynistic and how I keep getting rejected by women who must claim to be one of these ‘lesbians’. 

“I just think the fad will be over when society recognises that there’s an imaginary line called ‘normal’ which separates us all. 

“Equality just creates confusion and it’s not what God intended when he created the world with no help from science whatsoever.” 

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