Thousands of people who’ve gone to see Kate Middleton’s new haircut have been entertained with some tennis, it has emerged.

Crowds had congregated in Southwest London to catch a glimpse of the Duchess, following rumours on social media that she’d either had a bob or dyed it ginger.

Kate fan Theresa Connell said: “As soon as we found out Kate was going to be walking around some park in Wimbledon with a new haircut we had to get ourselves down there.

“We were queuing for ages and taken to a little stadium area after Kate had spoken to some young boys who were dressed in purple, who I assume, were on day release from a Young Offenders Institute. I want to say she’s the people’s princess, but Alastair Campbell ruined that.

“As she came into the stand and sat down we all just watched in amazement. I’m not sure what the royal protocol is, but I’m guessing it was our job to stare at her polka dot dress and see if we could find the magic eye image?

“I didn’t mind the tennis too much it was just a little off putting, especially as one of them was Scottish, but every time Kate clapped we all clapped too so it was nice to feel like part of the family.”

Ball boy Rob Gray said: “It was nice to meet Kate and she made the right hand gestures that public figures have to make, so I think she did well.

“I really wanted to meet Cliff Richard though and she can try with her new hair, but she still doesn’t look like him.”



photo credit: daniel0685 <a href=”″>Wimbledon – Centre Court</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;