After its beach scooped another prestigious award for looking all nice and that, Rhossili has been branded smug by other areas of Gower.

The beach, which is nice and everything, has once again been confirmed as the best in Europe and one of the best in the world by Suitcase Magazine.

Oxwich resident Pete Bowen said: “Rhossili having the best beach in Europe is principally why I voted Brexit so they wouldn’t win any more accolades.

“Oxwich beach is perfectly nice, there’s more bits of rope, stones and prickly seaweed too for the real beach experience. Perhaps it’s not signposted well enough?”

Port Eynon local Theresa Connell added: “How many chip shops does Rhossili have? Port Eynon has two, there’s pretty much next door to each other and you don’t get much more convenient than that.

“If Rhossili is so ‘popular’, how come there’s just one house overlooking the beach when we have a whole caravan park?”

Rhossili resident Rob Gray said: “Oh yes, come and look at our lovely beach. Look at that view, have you seen the sunset? Forget about it.

“Have you noticed how amazing the beach looks in all these pictures in the press and how they’re all from the top of the cliff and not on the actual beach?

“The only way you can get down there is to either paraglide or take a long walk, which is a great way to keep the lazy litter droppers up the top of the cliff.

“Must dash, off to a lavish awards ceremony in recognition of our outstanding beauty, see you there? No, no we won’t.”