A man has been charged with assault after launching an attack on a table that he banged his knee on.

37 year old Pete Bowen from Morriston, walked from the kitchen into the lounge in a huff, before banging his knee on the victim and losing the plot.

Bowen's wife Theresa said: "He was like a wild animal, the table was minding its own business and Pete walked into it.

"He looked at me as if I'd put it there on purpose, then he looked at the table and called it a twat."

Pete added: "In the heat of the moment, that particular inanimate object really annoyed me, so being the man I am I refused to back down. Someone's got to learn that men don't back down when challenged."

Theresa continued: "The truth is it's not the first time, he's lost it after stubbing his toe on the corner of the sofa and when he banged his head on the extractor fan.

"I should've seen the signs."

Pete said: "Its strange because I only ever really lose my temper with non moving objects when I'm at home and I'm asked to change a light bulb or something.

"I'm sure there's no other deep rooted issues at all."

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