Residents of Swansea are refusing to pay their TV Licence, after it was revealed that Gary Lineker earns more than our very own Kevin Johns.

The news spread across the city as the BBC revealed earnings of so called ‘top stars’ were published for all to look upon with disbelief and envy, causing more irritation than a Trade Centre Wales advert.

Gorseinon resident Theresa Connell, 46, said: “I don’t know how much Kevin Johns earns, but I now know it’s not enough.

“I see Kev all the time on Gorseinon High Street, he’s one of us. Where’s Gary Lineker? In that ‘London’ or ‘Manchester’ I suppose. Why isn’t he in the Roma spending his millions like the rest of us?”

32 year old Pete Bowen from Landore added: “I called Kevin’s show on Swansea Sound the other morning so I could get a shout out for my Nan. No issues whatsoever, well he called her Maud instead of Maudie, but that’s fine because she’s deaf.

“I called Match of the Day and Lineker just stripped off to his underpants and looked smug. There’s not much for Nan to work with there and her vision is fine.”

Cheryl Gray from Sketty said: “Did you see what Chris Evans takes home? He’s a lot more ginger than Kevin too.

“Kevin Johns was in the Daily Mail because a confetti cannon nearly gave him a heart attack. Evans was in there for failing to present a programme about driving old cars up mountains with Joey from Friends.

“If the Daily Mail can’t evidence value for money in their stories then I don’t know who can.

“I just hope there’s no gender pay gap between Kev and Siany from The Wave.”

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