A new housing development is being built in Summerland Lane, Caswell to help wealthy young locals boost their property portfolios.

The properties, which are being built on never-used-anyway land has caused a bit of a stir amongst local residents, leading one called Mrs Flanders to call for ‘someone to please think of the children’.

Local councillor Pete Bowen said: “There’s young people in their 20s and 30s who only have one property that their parents bought for them to their name, it’s a dreadful sign of the times and it’s just not on.

“If these youngsters don’t start buying up properties now and charging exorbitant rents to families and holidaymakers, then I don’t know what’s next for the area?

“I was chatting to a nice young man outside the Oyster Gallery in Mumbles. He was 32 and because his parents bought him a 5 bed house in Newton, they couldn’t afford to buy him a nice little 3 bed fun house in the area for him to play around with a bit.

“My heart broke for the boy.”

Local resident Rob Gray said: “Bin lorries, full schools, pot holes, green space and nervously wondering if poor people may come here. All the things I’m being completely unreasonable about, for today at least.

“I want to live across the road from Leon Britton not Little Britain, can they not just build five £1m properties for me to look at from my overpriced bungalow?”

Councillor Bowen added: “There has to be profit somewhere, someone needs to make a shed load of cash out of this empty field that currently makes no money for anyone.

“Better it be the rich people in the area because it’s important they get richer and then all our problems dissolve.”

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