A Brexit voter has expertly dumbed down the Bank of England's dire growth forecasts by confirming he doesn't want 'any of that growth muck thank you very much.'

44 year old Pete Bowen from Swansea rubbished Mark Carney's comments while looking for golliwog toys in Swansea Market.

Bowen said: "Economic growth? No thanks. That's like saying Germany should've won the war.

"No, what we need is a more frequent cycle of recessions and austerity.

"Hopefully the pound will continue to fall and inflation will continue to rise so we can all focus on living within our means and eating cockles straight from Penclawdd. We'll have to pick them ourselves because we won't have any money to buy them off anyone, but it's good to get into nature as we'll all be homeless.

"Stagnant wages and rising costs pushing more and more people into poverty is nothing because sovereignty."