The DVLA has been selling the details of 19,000 drivers a day to parking firms chasing fines, as well as the ambitions of its staff across Swansea.

The agency, based in Clase of all places, has been making millions selling vehicle details to companies like morally strong Capita, while simultaneously crushing the ambitions their staff have just for the fun of it.

DVLA spokesperson Pete Bowen said: "For £2.50 a pop a private company can legitimately buy your details from us then hound you for money.

"I'm in the wrong game! I tell that joke to the staff all the time, they love it.

"The senior management team have been enjoying playing at being all 'commercial', so we decided to go full Amazon and squeeze the life out of them.

"Our recruitment policy has changed from finding the best person for the job, to finding the people with the most drive and ambition, so we can employ them and watch them crumble."

Customer Service Representative Theresa Connell said: "At first my biggest concern was parking, in terms of finding a space and leaving the car in Clase for 8 hours a day.

"Now I enjoy driving around Clase in the morning because it means I'm not on the 14th floor in the same seat I've been in for the last six years."

Bowen added: "With all the coin we've been taking from Capita and co we've installed cameras where we can watch the staff crying.

"Occasionally we promote someone with no management competencies whatsoever and stick them into a department they have no knowledge of, it's hilarious to watch, but I wouldn't want to work there.

"But I don't do I? So that's fine.

"We're in talks with Capita about them buying all these videos so they can showcase crying public sector staff to give their shareholders more confidence that privatisation can only ever be a good thing."