Following on from Sports Direct banning Welsh in one of their stores in Bangor, Welsh language experts have written to the retailer to highlight that there are some shared and pertinent words in both English and Welsh.

The letter, written by Welsh speaker Pete Bowen, was completed to educate the company that irrespective of what side of the border you reside or indeed which language you speak, there were universal words which perfectly summed up someone who treats their staff so badly.

Bowen said: “To not speak Welsh in a popular Welsh speaking area is as ludicrous as having a cockney running a Geordie football team.

“I thought it would be helpful to summarise a few of them and even teach him some Welsh, so that if he does ever come here he knows what the staff are shouting at him.

“Bastard is one word which is the same in both languages. Twat is another, oh and mercenary.

Bowen continued: “Interestingly ‘exploitation’ in Welsh is ‘ecsbloetio’, which makes the act of abusing workers sound like a fun football chant.”

A spokesperson for Sports Direct said: “It was never our intention to offend anyone; our intention was to never get caught.”


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