Council workers have responded to findings from a fraud investigation into falsified time sheets and Friday breakfast clubs, by asking the investigators where they’ve been for the last 30-odd years.

Investigators from the Council’s corporate fraud team found that workers had been taking items from a waste site to sell on for personal profit, as well as parking council cars outside cafes across the city.

Street Cleaner Pete Bowen said: “I’ve been with the Authority for 27 years, which ‘coincidentally’ is the same amount of time I’ve been having a fry up every Friday morning between and 8:00 and 10:30.

“We’re all in Sam’s Café every Friday, there are loads of us. We even park our vehicles with Council logos on the side them there, we’re literally opposite the Guildhall. How did no one spot this?”

Housing Officer Theresa Connell said: “I don’t really see how giving my timesheet to someone to sign in for me while I go and get my nails done can be considered fraud, especially when it was part of the induction with my manager.”

Recycling Operative Rob Gray added: “Got some cracking new TVs in, interested?”

A spokesperson for the investigation said: “We’ve been in post for about two years now, but we hadn’t really picked up on anything because Friday mornings is when we have our cupcake making mornings.

“We’ll have a report sent across the councillors, who may or may not turn up to review them but still claim expenses and then we may or may not punish someone.”