Planning officials are unveiling plans to just get it over and done with and turn everything everywhere into flats, it’s been revealed.

The news comes following announcements that Quids Inn and an old petrol station in Sketty, both places where you could historically sniff liquid and get high, as well as The Cricketers, will be transformed into flats.

Planning Officer Pete Bowen said: “We’re basically very excited about flats.

“We’re going to pass a bylaw that says anyone can develop flats, either from new or a conversion and they won’t even need to submit an application.

“Lovely flats.”

He continued: “Think about how nice The Quadrant would be if it was just a nice big complex of flats but with a Debenhams. The pier in Mumbles? Water flats. The Guildhall? High ceiling flats. Studio 95? Ooh, sex flats.”

The news has made some residents in affluent areas nervous, but they’ve been reassured that those areas of Swansea will actually have ‘apartments’.

Bowen added: “Flats for the elderly, flats for the poor. Flats for students and flats you’ll adore. Flats for young couples who may have a kid, even a flat for creepy Uncle Sid.”

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