CK's Supermarket have responded swiftly to news of potential egg contamination, by removing Kinder Eggs from sale to the general public across their stores.

The chain, with a Head Office in Llanelli, made the announcement to reassure shoppers that the diarrhoea they're about to have definitely won't come from Kinder Eggs bought in CK's.

CK's spokesperson Pete Bowen said: "We felt it was important move quickly on this one.

"There's been some isolated cases in the past involving some gone off meat still being on sale and helicopters flying where they shouldn't, so it's nice to nip this one in the bud.

"We're told the issue lies with the shells being contaminated by fipronil, so we'll still be selling the toys from inside the eggs for the same price. We know you won't get the chocolate, but you won't die either."

Customer Theresa Connell added: "I went to ASDA earlier and I was shocked to see they had not only Kinder Eggs on sale, but bags of Mini Eggs too.

"Firstly, it's not fucking Easter, OK? Secondly, that's probably how the plague started."

Bowen continued: "As a thank you to our loyal customers we've got some lovely egg and cress sandwiches on offer which we've just imported from Holland on the cheap."

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