A labourer from Penlan who was caught silently singing along to a popular Olly Murs song in Singleton Park on Saturday, is this morning facing up to the life changing results of his actions.

Burly man's man Pete Bowen, 42, who told his friends he was off to a boxing convention in Bridgend, was filmed lip syncing the hit which made number 15 in the charts.

Bowen said: "Chart standing means very little, lots of classics didn't chart that highly. Thriller only charted at number 10, Copacabana didn't chart at all and you don't get more manly than Manilow.

"You Don't Know Love is the modern day Wonderwall, that's why Olly sings 'You Don't Know Love' 17 times in 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

"Creatively it's up there with Bohemian Rhapsody and I don't think I should lose my job over it."

Bowen's colleague Rob Gray, 32, said: "A few of us were up the Penlan Club for some beers and because my 17 year old was there I searched #ollyinthepark on Twitter and there he was, on video.

"Doused in glitter, thrusting his hips and wearing the same spray on skinny jeans as Olly Murs, Mr Pete Bowen.

"The gaffer came in and we all huddled around and watched his life fall apart in front of our eyes."

Bowen continued: "I stand by my performance, my wife's left me this morning and my 14 year old daughter who I told I couldn't get tickets for has disowned me.

"Would I do it again? Yes, yes I would.

"It was worth it for the shoutout on The Wave, especially when they captioned the video with 'the only man who knew the words' as Olly will now rescue me so we can be 'cheeky chaps' together for the rest of our days.

"I reckon he smells like pomegranate."

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