Tory voters have given Swansea’s Labour led Council a strong dressing down for all of the Tory inflicted issues the Labour Council are having to deal with.

With homelessness and hopelessness on a meteoric rise, disgruntled Tories are strongly laying down the law to anyone with a Labour affinity with some autonomy.

Tory voter Pete Bowen said: “There was news yesterday about 200 empty properties and 220 homeless people. The problem here is the empty properties and not the fact people are homeless in the first place.

“If these properties had been sold off to private investors there’d be a greater ratio of properties to homeless people, at this point it becomes an irreparable issue so no one would talk about it. Problem solved.”

Fellow Tory Rob Gray added: “We keep hearing about ‘child poverty’ which, as a bastard, I’m happy to flaunt as a Labour issue in Swansea.

“The Conservatives have been far more proactive on the issue by abolishing the Child Poverty Unit. I’d rather vote for a party which avoids the issue rather than address it, because statistically it’s not a problem anymore.”

Tory Theresa Connell continued: “Just because the Tory Party froze Local Government spending, doesn’t mean Swansea Council should get away with having less money to spend on public services.

“It’s completely Labour’s fault that they’ve had their funding cut. Some shit about some note that was left as a joke is hard evidence of this.

“At least the Conservative Party sell arms to terrorists. That’s innovation.

Theresa added: “Diane Abbott got maths wrong once mind.”

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