An old Mumbles lush has recalled Bonnie Tyler’s real career high, from a lock-in at a Mumbles wine bar in 2001.

Following her surge to the top of iTunes in the US singing about an eclipse during an eclipse, hanger on Pete Bowen described the moment he was part of something really special.

Bowen said: “They were great days, the wine bar concept was still quite new after arriving from London and credit cards were incredibly easy to get your hands on.

“I was part of a Mumbles elite of alcoholic fashion victims who lacked a great deal of moral fibre.

“We’d all go out, leer at young women and more often than not at the end of the night, swap wives.

Bowen continued: “One night Gaynor was there, that’s her real name by the way, Bonnie is a stage name she uses, she isn’t one of the singers who use their real name, you know like Meat Loaf.

“A select few of the most arrogant people there that night were selected for a lock-in and Bonnie stood on the bar and belted out tune after tune.

“It was the original ‘intimate performance’, made more intimate by Bonnie falling off the bar and landing on top of a crowd of us.”

Bonnie said: “I’d rather talk about my performance on a cruise ship that just made me globally famous again, 2001 was about three years ago.

“If it wasn’t for me there’d be no eclipse at all, but you want to talk about Barrows?”

photo credit: adambowie <a href=”″>Bonnie Tyler</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;