The Daily Swansea’s very own Pete Bowen has been snubbed by bias BBC executives and won’t be appearing on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, it has emerged.

Bowen, who is aged ‘between birth and in his 50s’ and lives in every area of Swansea, had his hopes set on starring in the show following extensive coverage on his local satirical news site.

Bowen said: “Since December I’ve been responsible for radicalising Muslims into becoming mushes, been booted from one end of Langland beach to another and a prolific spokesperson for Swansea Council.

“That’s an awful lot more work than Brian Conley has done.”

BBC spokesperson Pete Bowen added: “There’s no issue with what this guy’s done, he’s clearly worked hard recently but we feel the two people from Holby City will remembered better.

“I’ve forgotten his name already, so the viewing public will have no chance.”

Bowen said: “No, yeah that vicar who’s on there will add loads of value to the show. His God is as real as I am after all.

“Maybe next year I’ll have more of a chance, although I’ve heard the Honey Monster is in the running.”

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