A man who was innocently masturbating in a car park in Jersey Marine has found himself caught up in the dogging row reported in the Evening Post, it has emerged.

52 year old Data Analyst Pete Bowen fears his reputation as an innocent, God fearing numbers man is in tatters following the accusation and is considering legal action against someone.

Bowen said: “What kind of a depraved person do they think I am? It’s ridiculous to suggest I’d participate in all this dogging or inappropriate sexual nonsense, I’m a catholic for Christ sake.

“I can’t reiterate this enough, I was not watching a couple have sex in a car like the other 11 men who were there, I was masturbating about something that happened earlier that day when my aunt came over.

“People at work have been very evasive towards me, I kept telling them I’m not a dogger and that I was just masturbating, but I don’t think they believe me.”

Pete’s colleague Theresa Connell said: “We were in a statistical analysis meeting this morning and all I could smell were car fumes, twelve sweaty men and shame.

“There’s no way he was just masturbating away all innocently. Something stinks and it could be Pete’s hands, which is bad news because he dunked a biscuit in my tea earlier and now I think I may have hepatitis.”

Bowen continued: “I just want to get on with my life, it comes to something when I can’t masturbate in any car parks anymore.

“It’s a smear on my personal integrity and I’m going to ask everyone in Penllergaer Woods car park to flash their exterior lights several times if they agree with me.”