A family from Limeslade have been accused of ‘fried breadcrumb snobbery’ for refusing to say the word rissoles when ordering rissoles.

The Bowen’s, who live in Limeslade on the less expensive end of Higher Lane, enjoy the finer things in life like yoga, pulled meat, hygge and deep fried Lewis Pies rissoles.

Husband Pete said: “We’re being heavily victimised against for being foodies, Johnnie’s chip shop refused to serve us our croquettes the other day because they didn’t know what I was talking about, they accused me of being on drugs.

“I think ‘rissole’ is a valleys slang word for ‘poor striking coal miner’ and they’re eaten by people who have broken plastic garden toys in their front garden. Not people who enjoy French cuisine and grow their own blueberries.”

Lewis Pies Production Managers Ceri Wheeler and John Foley told us: “We make 10,000 rissoles a day, they’re nice and stuff, but croquettes is a bit much.

“One of our vans was off to Dick Barton’s to do a drop off the other day and it was hijacked.

“It may have been this Bowen family, but it could’ve been anyone really because it’s West Cross, you know?”

Bowen continued: “I’m going to try my luck in Johnnie’s again later, but if they don’t respond to my request for two croquettes and potatoes fried three ways then I’ll have to get to infiltrate Lewis Pies and find their croquette recipe myself.”

Picture credit Lewis Pies: http://www.lewispies.co.uk