A man with an irony deficiency is absolutely disgusted with the Welsh NHS for not staffing Singleton Hospital adequately, but is really happy that there’s less skilled nurses from other countries here now.

44 year old Pete Bowen from Birchgrove was furious when he heard about Ward 10 being forced to close because of nurse shortages and is demanding solutions.

Bowen said: “I can’t believe we don’t have enough nurses for Singleton Hospital, I’m absolutely furious about it.

“Good news about all those foreign nurses pissing off home though isn’t it? We showed them, taking jobs away from all those British nurses we have waiting to start work.”

Singleton Hospital spokesperson Theresa Connell said: “There’s an ageing population, the conditions we’re under because of funding cuts are worsening and some really good nurses are Brexiting out of the country.”

Bowen continued: “I was delighted with the news that net migration had come down again, every cloud and all that.

“Did you know these people were qualified, paying tax, caring for people, but sending money back home and stealing all the sand from Langland beach?

“David Davis is doing a great job, the art of negotiation is to never say or do anything and to never give something and expect everything in return.”

Bowen reiterated: “We won, you lost, get over it.”

Ms Connell added: “Just don’t hurt yourself in the process.”