Two grown men being paid millions to have a fight is more important than anything that’s ever existed ever, it has emerged.

The fight, which has attracted unprecedented levels of opinions from unqualified people, is taking place at a time where there’s no other problems in the World at all which can be remotely as important as these two men having a fight.

Fighting fan Pete Bowen said: “Conor Mayweather in the 41st I reckon, is that right? There’s a 41st something isn’t there?

“Me and the boys have been taking pictures of ourselves holding fists like we’re really hard for ages now. So we’re ready.

“The build up has got us really fired up for the important matter at hand, do we go out and take some drugs to stay up all night or do we go to bed early and wake up to watch the fight?

“Do they wear gloves? Can the black Irish guy do karate or whatever he does?”

Pete’s friend Rob Gray added: “I’ve been agreeing with lots of different people who have lots of different knowledge. I don’t know where the fight is or even if they’re real fighting like Rocky, or fake fighting like Ultimate Warrior?”

Bowen continued: “Critiquing two men fighting will add about two extra inches to my penis I reckon.”

photo credit: FestivitiesMN <a href=”″>Boxing Set – Fight Night – 14</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;