Two men who don’t know each other but have furry faces, have given each other a nod of approval like they’re part of some secret beard society.

The men, walking down Oxford Street with the appropriate level swagger men with beards require, spotted each other near Burger King when the magic unfolded.

Beardy Pete Bowen said: “It was a relatively uneventful walk around town with the Mrs until I saw Rob.

“I saw some lads with piss poor beards and just scoffed at them. You know the ones that run across the jaw line like Del Piero in the 90s, or the ones with bald patches. Pathetic.

“These just aren’t real men.”

Pete’s new ‘beard bro’ Rob Gray said: “We both looked nothing short of majestic, like beautiful Viking warriors, but in check shirts, skinny jeans that come to our ankles and loafers with no socks.

“Pete’s effort is a solid 9/10, I definitely had the urge to try and tangle my beard into his, like one big beard oil covered beard cloud.

“But not in a gay way.”

Pete added: “Definite respect to Rob and what he’s done growing that fine specimen on his face. He deserved the knowing glance I gave him and I was happy to get one back.

“You just can’t command that level of respect from someone with stubble, certainly not a man that shaves.”

photo credit: Beardoholic <a href=”″>Bearded men with great hair style and with full and thick ginger beard</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;