The probable future Prince of Wales and current Duchess of Cambridge have revealed they’ll name their latest offspring Ben Woodburn if it’s a boy after the exciting Welsh footballer.

The news comes in the week the couple announced Kate’s pregnancy, but more importantly the week where 17 year old Ben celebrated a goal and an assist for Wales.

William said: “Its obviously been a huge week and we’re absolutely thrilled about the latest young addition to the squad. The nation is very excited and it’s big, big news for the future.

“Oh, and Kate and I are having a third baby.”

He continued: “We thought about naming him Eric Dier or Marcus Rashford, but we wouldn’t want to associate our child with such a mundane display as England v Slovakia just because he was a mistake. We’ll leave the dull and underwhelming to Uncle Edward.”

Kate added: “Will is likely to become the Prince of Wales when the family has its next restructure, so we decided on Ben because Will was so excited watching him play.

“He may have been four cans of Fosters in at this point, but when Will stood up after Ben’s assist and proclaimed ‘we shall call him Ben”, it just felt right.

“Importantly Ben was born in a part of Wales called Nottingham and valiantly plays for the North Wales crime region Liverpool, meaning his nickname is probably Robbing Hood.”

William continued: “Ben’s performances this week have certainly eliminated part of the awkward ‘what shall we call it this time’ chat. You have no idea how difficult it was to come up with ‘George’.

“When we found out our second was going to be a girl we naturally opted for Charlotte after Charlotte Church, so if we had another girl it’d be a toss up between Carol after Vorderman, which is like my Mother in Law so a bit working class or Lateysha from The Valleys.”

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