A group of friends who spent Sunday afternoon and evening drinking and posting all about it on social media, are this morning regretting their antics.

The friends, who shamefully shunned church for cocktails, are today remorseful about all the booze they drank and collectively ‘feel like shit’.

Group member Pete Bowen said: “I remember waking up yesterday morning, seeing the rain and fantasising about a carvery and half a lager in front of a nice fire.

“The next thing I know it’s midnight, I’m off my face and being ejected from Bambu Beach Bar.”

Friend Theresa Connell said: “Oof, them strawberry daiquiris were a mistake. So were the ciders, and all the ket.

“Monday’s 9am weekly sales meeting seemed a lifetime away when I got into bed at 5:00. How did I get it so wrong, again?”

Friend Cheryl Gray added: “It’s the same every week, I think Sunday presents me with some God given right to get smashed and brag about it on Instagram.

“If you’re observant enough, you won’t see many selfies on a Monday morning, that’s because I look like a panda and have vomit in my hair.

“I have to present financial forecasts to the Senior Management Team in two hours and at the moment I’m not sure where I even am.

“Never again.”

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