Statistics released by South Wales Police have revealed that an average of four people a month are entering Ynysforgan roundabout, only to never be seen again.

The shocking announcement was made following analysis of the improved road markings which were updated in April by the Highways Department.

Inspector Pete Bowen said: “It’s surprising that so many people are going missing and even more so that they aren’t being reported.

“It’s like their families are accepting that manoeuvring Ynysforgan carries a degree of risk and if you don’t make it out you don’t make it out.”

Roundabout user Theresa Connell said: “I’ve been using Ynysforgan roundabout for a few years now, I’m still here but I have no idea how it all works.

“I’ve had a few near misses over the years, the worse one was when I nearly took the exit for Clydach. I just don’t know how I’d have coped with that.”

Inspector Bowen added: “The roundabout is being granted official ‘mystery of the world’ status, alongside the Bermuda Triangle, MH370 and why part of the slip bridge is now on the front.

“We’re advising people to approach the roundabout with caution, except for my boss and my daughter’s new boyfriend who’s trying to make a career by becoming a rapper from Morriston.”